Eden & Lillith twice (NU. Face)

Lillith The Great Pretender by V.Jhon
Lillith The Great Pretender by V.Jhon


1) Elements of Surprise (Eden is blond) 2008 LE 500


2) Eden Style Mantra 2009 LE 1000


3) Wild at Heart (Eden is blond) - 425 экз. Джейсон Ву конвенция "Dark Romance" 2010.

4) The Great Pretender Lillith 2010 LE 800


5) Lead Singles Lillith and Eden™ Two Doll Gift Set Limited Edition Size: 450 Gift Sets Worldwide Estimated Delivery date: Early July 2012

6) Rocking Ever After Lillith™ Dressed Doll The Rock Fashion Wedding Collection 2011 W Club Exclusive Limited Edition: TBA Estimated Arrival: Spring 2012


7) 2013 Fashion Royalty Convention ITBE Hard Metal NRFB Lillith


8) Wouldn't It Be Loverly? EdenThe Nu. Fantasy™ Collection2015 IFDC Convention IT Direct ExclusiveLimited Edition Size of 500 DollsIFDC / IT Direct Exclusive

9) Up All Night Lillith™ Dressed Doll (Workshop Doll)Cinematic: The 2015 Integrity Toys Convention CollectionLimited Edition of 450 Dolls

10) Never Ordinary Lilith and Eden™ Dressed Duo-Doll Gift SetThe Nu.Face™ Collection2015 W Club ExclusiveLimited Edition Size: TBA Estimated Ship Date: Approximately Late Q1/Early Q2, 2016

11) Sneak Peek Eden™ Dressed Doll (Giveaway Souvenir)Cinematic: The 2015 Integrity Toys Convention CollectionLimited Edition of 600 Dolls

12) High FrequencyWelcome Cocktail Dressed Doll AThe ITBE CollectionLimited Edition of 215 Dolls

13) OOAK Nu. Face Lilith Doll by IT Designer Jessy AyalaLimited Edition of 1 Doll Only


14) Editorial Edge Lilith™ / NU. Face Dressed Doll Convention Collection ExclusiveThe 2016 Integrity Toys SUPERMODEL Convention Limited Edition of 500 Dolls


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